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At the Perth Dart Centre we stock a large range of darts. Starting from the basic thick barrelled brass darts to the latest slim lined tungsten darts. All our darts have steel points with soft tip darts being available upon request


Replacement Points

Replacement points are available from us in black or silver. These are available in various lengths and we can change your existing points while you wait if required. More time may be required if your points have never been changed before.

Replacing Points - $7.00


game on brass darts



GAME ON BRASS DARTS - from $16.50

game on darts

18 gram

brass darts

20 gram

21 gram

22 gram

23 gram

24 gram

26 gram

28 gram







19 grams

20 grams

21 grams

22 grams

23 grams

24 grams

25 grams

26 grams

27 grams

28 grams

29 grams

30 grams




.FAT B's 95% TUNGSTEN - $65.00




Need New Flights?

Match up your new darts with new flights. Click to see our online selection, or visit our store to see the huge range in stock.

Try Before You Buy

Try before you buy, to ensure the grip and balance is suitable to your particular action. This also allows us to observe your throwing style and make adjustments to the shaft and flights to suit your individual requirements, and it ensures your darts will be flying as straight as possible when you leave.


Brass darts 

Brass darts are ideal for home or novice player as the initial cost is low and the thick barrels are suited to practise basic throwing techniques.

  There is very little variance in the barrel design, shape, grip and length throughout our brass range of 18gm to 28gm.

 Each set comes complete with a point guard, nylon stems, a poly flight and a single bar wallet.


Tungsten darts

 Tungsten darts come in a huge variety to suit the home player through to the club champion.

These darts are not pure tungsten but rather tungsten / nickel alloy and will range in percentage of tungsten anywhere from 70% to 97%.


Heavier, but slimmer

As tungsten is a heavier metal than brass, this allows a slimmer barrel to be constructed, which can be up to half the size of brass, to optimise the highest scoring potential. Therefor the higher the percentage of tungsten the slimmer the dart will be.


Barrel thickness

The variances in barrel design, length, grip and thickness can change greatly in the same weight so the chances finding a tungsten dart to suit increases dramatically.


Complete set

Each set of tungsten darts comes complete with a point guard, flights, stems and a single bar wallet.